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About Dolphins

About Dolphins

Fraser's Dolphin

Fraser's Dolphins are aquatic mammals.

Fraser's Dolphin Classification:

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetacea
Family: Delphinidae
Genus: Lagenodelphis
Species: Hosei

Habitat: Fraser's Dolphins are found in deep tropical waters, most commonly in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, but they are also spotted in the Gulf of Mexico.

Fraser's Dolphin Photo
Fraser's Dolphin

Classification: Least Concern of Threatened Species

Size: An adult Fraser's Dolphin are 6.5-9 feet long and u weight between 200 - 300 lbs.

Diet: Fraser's Dolphins prey on fish, squid or octopus, krill and other crustaceans. Fraser's Dolphins hunt in groups at great depths. This allows them to circle entire schools of fish. It is not uncommon for a pod of Fraser's Dolphins to dive to 2,000 feet for food.

Other Names: Sarawak Dolphin, Shortsnout Dolphin, Bornean Dolphin, White-belied Dolphin, Fraser's Porpoise,

Senses: Fraser's Dolphins have a well developed, acute sense of hearing. The Fraser's Dolphin olfactory nerves are absent, indicating that they have no sense of smell.

Description: Fraser's Dolphins are dark gray, dark black, or dark blue. Fraser's Dolphins are stocky with a short beak and thick tail. Flippers, dorsal fin and tail flukes are all relatively small and pointy. A cream band begins above and forward of the eye, extending along the flank, and is paralleled by a darker black band. The beak on Fraser's Dolphin is short and well defined.

Birth: Fraser's Dolphin calves are born tail first. They are 3 feet long and they weigh approximately 40 lbs at birth. They are a dull grey in color.

Did You Know?

Fraser's Dolphins are most often observed in deep waters.

Gestation: Fraser's Dolphins carry their young for approximately 12.5 months.

Calves: Fraser's Dolphin calves are a dull grey color when born.

Sexual Maturity: Male Fraser's Dolphins mature at 7 to 10 years of age, while females mature at 5 to 8 years of age.

Life Span: The average life span of the Fraser's Dolphins is approximately 18 years of age in the wild.

Social Structure: Fraser's Dolphins are found in groups of 100 to 1000 dolphins and will socialize with other species. They swim close together in their pod. Fraser's Dolphins have been observed swimming with Melon-Headed Whale, Short-Finned Pilot Whales, Sperm Whales, Risso's Dolphins and Bottlenose Dolphins.

Did You Know?

Fraser's dolphins are thought to be the most aggressive of dolphin species.

Athleticism: Fraser's Dolphins often swim in a group line creating a distinctive frothy wake.

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