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About Dolphins

About Dolphins

Chinese River Dolphins

Chinese River Dolphins are fresh water aquatic mammals.

Chinese River Dolphin Classification:

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetacea
Family: Lipotidae
Genus: Lipotes
Species: Vexillifer

Other Names: Baiji, Yangtze River Dolphin, Chinese River Dolphin, Whitefin Dolphin, Goddess of the Yangtze, White-Flag Dolphin, Beiji, and Yangtze Dolphin

Chinese River Dolphin Photo
Chinese River Dolphin

Conservation Status: Critically Endangered Possibly Extinct

Size: Chinese River Dolphins are 5 - 8.25 feet in length and they typically weigh 300-510 lbs. Female Chinese River Dolphins are larger than their male counterparts.

Habitat: Chinese River Dolphins are found in the Yangtze River in China.

Diet: Chinese River Dolphins feed of fish found in the Yangtze River. They use their long beaks to probe muddy river bottoms for prey.

Senses: Chinese River Dolphins are thought to have very poor eyesight, they use touch and echolocation to navigate.

Description: Chinese River Dolphins are white, pink, yellow, brown, gray, or black. Chinese River Dolphins have a thick stocky build, they have a narrow, long beak with an upturned tip.

Hunting: Chinese River Dolphins are most active during the night from early evening to early morning.

Did You Know?

Chinese River Dolphins are the rarest species of all marine mammals. The last sighting was said to be in 2004.

Gestation: Chinese River Dolphins carry their young for 10-11 months. They typically breed for reproductive purposes every 2 years.

Birth: Chinese River Dolphins calves are 32 to 35 inches in length.

Calves: Chinese River Dolphin calves will nurse for up to 2o months.

Sexual Maturity: Female Chinese River Dolphins sexually mature around 4- 8 years of age.

Life Span: The average life span of the Chinese River Dolphin is thought to be about 25 years. The Yangtze River is one of the world's busiest waterways, dams and fishing have significantly impacted the Chinese River Dolphins populations.

Social Structure: Chinese River Dolphins are found in groups of up to 6 dolphins. They are said to be quite shy.

Athleticism: Chinese River Dolphins swim 6 - 9 mph, when they are threatened they can reach speeds up to 37 mph.

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